• An Explosive Vape Juice Squad

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Panda Bomb

The epic conclusion of her work became a critically acclaimed worldwide phenomenon, this dramatic showdown pitted Panda against the most hainus juice makers in the world. After devastating events wiped out half the world’s liquid manufacturers and fractured their ranks, Panda was relentless

Insane Flavours

Pandas Mission

Not willing to settle for the mundane unfulfilling Juices, Panda Bomb set off on her quest to assemble a group of unimaginable misfits capable of creating the worlds most insane flavours.

Years passed and the madness set in. Venturing to places where no other juice makers dare wander, the purest of ingredients were revealed.

Using a specific blend of each element, they created wave upon wave of flavour and depth unparalleled by any other. Through lunacy and pure bedlam, drifting between states of consciousness, greatness was achieved.

Finally she was ready to show the world!


Newfound Allies

Free Nic Shots

the powers that be have come together and offered gifts in an attempt to restore order and harmony in the universe...... Well Panda can play that game to, so she is giving away a FREE Nic Shot with every bottle!

  • Pandas Victims

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Pandas Victims

Pandas Victims

Pandas Victims